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Sarvodaya-Fusion is a social enterprise focused on ICT for Development with the mission "e-empowerment of rural communities". It's a unit of Sarvodaya movement, the oldest and largest charity non-profit organization in Sri Lanka. In its scope of social engagement, Fusion has successfully designed and delivered programs providing Digital Literacy, Digital Access and Digital Benefits. Since 2009, Fusion has given ICT qualifications to over 18,000 students through our own Fusion Education curricular and courses offered through our partnerships with Microsoft Imagine Academy & CISCO Net Academy. In addition, Fusion has been the choice and the administrator for many Donor defined ICT projects. These donor partners include: Microsoft, World Bank Group, HSBC, UNDP and Care International. Sarvodaya-Fusion counts over a decade of experience working hand in hand with Government agencies, corporates, communities and International development agencies to support education, economic and social development of communities.

Our Partners

We partner with organizations that believe in our vision - that with IT people can become nothing but their best. Our team works closely to ensure that every dollar is accounted for and then provides reports back to our donors.

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How IT Education Changes Everything

  • Time

    Fusion centers enable students to access high quality IT education within their local communities by saving cost and significant travel time to centers in townships.

  • Economy

    The Sri Lankan IT industry creates an average of 1200 new jobs per month. Our mission is to connect rural youth by building skills and confidence to reach out to these new jobs.

  • Women’s empowerment

    Low women participation in Sri Lankan workforce is a big concern. Digital literacy exposes them to opportunities not just in IT sector, but just about in every sector.

  • Education

    Digital access opens up ways and means for future educational opportunities.

Fusion Education & Projects

In the News

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    “Advancement of Technology has contributed to the upliftment of human life in many ways” is a widely agreed upon statement. However, there’s also another side to this story.

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  • Sarvodaya General Secretary at World Bank Poverty eradication initiative

    For the 1st time in History, the World Bank Group has joined forces with a group of world religious leaders in an attempt to end extreme poverty by 2030. The Partnership has been developed…

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  • Fusion Awards 2014 – Encouraging and Appreciating the Grassroots Youth Achievements

    Over 800 young IT enthusiasts from 70 rural tele-centres Island wide were gathered at the Sarvodaya Vishwa Samadhi hall to get their talents applauded at the FUSION AWARDS 2014

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