Job Hub

An opportunity for youth in Northern Province

Job Hub is a virtual place where we connect job seekers with the right employers with web and SMS technologies. This is mainly focused on the unemployed youth in Northern Province of Sri Lanka. But Job Hub will not be limited to one province.

How to register for Job Hub?

Job seekers can simply subscribe for the Job Hub using the online form or else they can get subscribed at one of our promotional outlet or else by calling us on 0766 988 485. This is a free service for all the youth in Sri Lanka.

How does Job Hub operate?

1.      Once a job seeker is subscribed to our system, he/she may receive a text message confirming their subscription to the Job Hub.

2.      When there is a suitable vacancy for you, we will be sending a text message with basic details about the available vacancy and you can read more about it on our website by using the reference code mentioned in the text message.

3. If you want to unsubscribe from our system please send us a text message or call us on 0766 988 485

How does a company/ organization submit a vacancy?

A company/ organization can submit the available vacancies to our system by filling the online form or by calling us. Once the submitted details are verified by the Job Hub team, we will post the vacancy on our website and will be circulated via text message.


Contact Us

Job Hub – Project Office

Care International, No. 120, Kandy Road, Karadipokku, Kilinochchi.

Contact No.: 0766 988 485