Stax Inc., signed a memorandum of understanding with Sarvodaya-Fusion today, on “OwnIT”   youth enterprise programme, taking Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives to a completely different spectrum. “OwnIT” focus on enabling today’s youth to take ownership of their earning potential and make an economic change for themselves and the country.  This initiative is a result of long pursued discussions and talking points of couple of young industry professionals who believed in bringing about a real change by creating an impact on growth acceleration. Making people to understand (to begin with youth) to explore the growth potential in them, guiding them to seize opportunities which lies around them and training the mindset to assign an economic value for solving a problem are some key elements that would be   instilled in to these youth through “OwnIT” programme. The project has been designed in a multifaceted way, so as to provide technology education, entrepreneurial skills development, and professional mentoring under a yearlong programme.

The selection of beneficiaries will be done from five (05) schools in Sri Jayawardanepura Kotte, collaborating with the Ministry of Education, Sri Lanka. Initially 50 applicants will be given the task of presenting a viable social business plan, in order to measure their creative problem solving skills and entrepreneurial thinking. Based on the interest and the ability to develop these business plans further, 15 students will be selected to sit for the Diploma in Computer Application (DICA) conducted by Fusion Education and an entrepreneurship course offered by CISCO NetAcad (Cisco Networking Academy). The study programme will be conducted at the Computer Resource Centre of Lumbini Vidyalaya, Col 05.

During the programme, STAX Inc. will mentor the students on areas of business skills, entrepreneurial knowhow, and professional development with arranged visits to its corporate office in Colombo.

Stax Inc. will set no limits but will enable and encourage the viable social business concepts with financial rewards which could be used as a startup capital while introducing investors who would be keen on such initiatives.