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Sarvodaya-Fusion is a social enterprise focused on ICT for Development with the mission "e-empowerment of rural communities". It's a unit of Sarvodaya movement, the oldest and largest charity non-profit organization in Sri Lanka. In its scope of social engagement, Fusion has successfully designed and delivered programs providing Digital Literacy, Digital Access and Digital Benefits. Since 2009, Fusion has given ICT qualifications to over 18,000 students through our own Fusion Education curricular and courses offered through our partnerships with Microsoft Imagine Academy & CISCO Net Academy. In addition, Fusion has been the choice and the administrator for many Donor defined ICT projects. These donor partners include: Microsoft, World Bank Group, HSBC, UNDP and Care International. Sarvodaya-Fusion counts over a decade of experience working hand in hand with Government agencies, corporates, communities and International development agencies to support education, economic and social development of communities.

Our Partners

We partner with organizations that believe in our vision - that with IT people can become nothing but their best. Our team works closely to ensure that every dollar is accounted for and then provides reports back to our donors.

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How IT Education Changes Everything

  • Time

    Fusion centers enable students to access high quality IT education within their local communities by saving cost and significant travel time to centers in townships.

  • Economy

    The Sri Lankan IT industry creates an average of 1200 new jobs per month. Our mission is to connect rural youth by building skills and confidence to reach out to these new jobs.

  • Women’s empowerment

    Low women participation in Sri Lankan workforce is a big concern. Digital literacy exposes them to opportunities not just in IT sector, but just about in every sector.

  • Education

    Digital access opens up ways and means for future educational opportunities.

Fusion Education & Projects

In the News

  • Warm welcome to the incoming Chairman

    We thank Mr. Madu Rathnayaka, the outgoing Chairman for his valuable contribution for the past seven years and a warm welcome to Mr. Rohan Pandithakorralage, the incoming Chairman of the Board of Management of Sarvodaya Fusion. We are hopeful of his stewardship that is characterized by innovative ideas, strategic thinking and invaluably his tireless efforts […]

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  • Sarvodaya-Fusion and LK Domain Registry Partnership Continues

    “Pledging to do more, towards securing a smart generation” – LK Domain Registry pledged its willingness to continue its partnership with Sarvodaya-Fusion officially by extending its collaboration until 2020. In this joint collaboration the partner organizations intends to bring awareness to hundreds and thousands of school children, teachers and parents across the country who lack […]

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  • Sharing and learning at The South Asia Safety Summit

    Sharing experiences and learning from one another….A platform to create a dialogue among stakeholders, minimizing gaps and success stories of those organizations working towards “Cyber Safety” & Social well being!! Isura Silva – Consultant, strategic management & outreach, Sarvodaya-Fusion, presenting its journey at South Asia Safety Summit. Sarvodaya-Fusion team also joined Facebook South Asia Safety […]

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