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We co-create space for

Harmonious innovation to harness their own unique potential

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We co-create space for

Harmonious innovation to harness their own unique potential

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Support economic and social

uplifting of communities by enhancing the knowledge & skills gap on the digital space

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Sarvodaya Fusion Education

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Personal Financial Literacy

for Children in Sri Lanka

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About Us

Sarvodaya-Fusion, is the ICT for Development (ICT4D) arm of Sarvodaya movement with a mission “e-empowerment of rural and Semi urban communities”. In its scope of social engagement it has successfully developed and deployed projects providing Digital Literacy, Digital Access and Digital Benefits. In addition Fusion has been the choice and the administrator for many Donor defined ICT projects. These donor partners include organizations such as World Bank Group, Care International and Microsoft, etc. Sarvodaya-Fusion counts many years of experience working hand in hand with Government agencies, Corporates, Communities and International development agencies to support economic and social development of communities.

How IT Education Changes Everything


Digital access opens up both local & global educational opportunities irrespective of social economic & geographic boundaries.


Fusion centers enable students to access high quality IT education within their local communities by saving cost and significant travel time to centers in townships.


The Sri Lankan IT industry creates an average of 1200 new jobs per month. Our mission is to connect rural youth by building skills and confidence to reach out to these new jobs.

Women Empowerment

Low women participation in Sri Lankan workforce is a big concern. Digital literacy exposes them to opportunities not just in IT sector, but just about in every sector.

What we do

Social Enterprise

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Our Partners

Vision & Mission

Our Vision

E-empowerment of rural, urban and semi-urban communities while leading them towards becoming responsible digital citizens.

Our Mission

We strive to achieve this through a continuous process of research, engagement and partnership which identifies and fills gaps keeping in line with fulfilling national objectives.

Years of Experience on ICT for Development
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