About us

Sarvodaya Fusion is a social enterprise serving communities with Digital Access ,Literacy and Benefits.

16, 363 , 688 people in Sri Lanka lack a basic IT education. That’s a huge number but it’s no surprise. 2/3rds of the entire population in the world aren’t still connected to the Internet.

We strongly believe that a quality IT education can change absolutely everything for these communities. Digital access means that people spend less time travelling , business is done differently , women and girls take control of their own future and education takes a 360 spin.

For the past 10 years we’ve seen all this happen in real time.

We’ve never offered grand solutions or billion dollar schemes, but instead we’ve proposed a simple solution that has worked.

Social Enterprise Model

We know what it is like to make a smart investment on a promising social entrepreneur. We select and nurture promising social.e to become IT leaders. They go into creating IT centers that deliver digital access , literacy and benefits. They mobilise their communities , create sustainable social ventures and from then on their lives are changed every step of the way.