Individual device donations

Your old device can pave the way to a child’s education

Did you know that your old smartphone or laptop or tablet can open a child to a new world of learning? That you now have a chance to make an impact in a child’s education journey?

Here’s how you can help us to help underprivileged children get an equal access to quality learning:

Step 1
Fill this form with your details and the details of the digital device you want to give away.

Step 2
If your digital device meets the required criteria, you will be given instructions on the handing-over process.

Step 3
Your digital device will go through a physical inspection at the location of the handing-over.

Step 4
Once the digital device is inspected, and concluded as reusable by another little soul, a list of districts will be provided to you for your selection. These provinces are where the children are from and eagerly waiting for their new classroom.

Step 5
Your digital device will travel to the selected district, to a specific school or child’s home. You just brought a smile to a little heart!

Step 6
You will receive a proof of your digital device’s new home; by means of a little note from the child or parent/ video testimonial/ picture (depending on the child’s/ parent’s/ principal’s/ teacher’s preference)

Corporate Donations

If your company is interested in supporting this cause and have extra/used devices that you would like to donate, please reach out to Dina Mendis at

Minimum devices specifications can be found here.

Monetary donations

If you do not have a device to donate and would still like to support this cause we have created the following link to register for monetary donations.

Thank you for your kind support. Your donation will help Sri Lanka become a step closer to providing all children with equal access to technology, resulting in a digitally literate future generation, with exposure to limitless opportunities and a knack for innovations.

It was found that in 2022, only 63% of students enrolled in primary and secondary education has had access to online education in Sri Lanka. It was also found that students in urban areas had more access to online education. Children from rural areas, though less likely to be online, had more access through purely offline methods. This includes teachers sending physical notes to students and sending instructions to watch/listen to educational TV and radio programs. Although these children had access, we can’t make claims about how often they engaged in education or the quality of education they received. If authorities are to pursue digitally mediated education (through blended learning models or otherwise), all homes should have internet connectivity to give students the option to connect from home.

Raising children is all about empowering them to be self-sufficient, balanced individuals who dream fearlessly. And the catalyst to make this happen, almost always is equal access to quality education. Sadly, the ongoing crisis has set us back decades and undone progress made over the years. With the worrying percentages of urban and rural students able to connect to online education and its quality of the online education, e-learning is ruled out as a feasible means of continuing learning. Rural children mostly are struggling with the lack of devices to their schools and homes with connectivity to continue their education.

Digital “Dhanaya” (Donate A Device) is an initiative of Sarvodaya-Fusion, that enables children in need to access online learning through donated, used, but reusable devices (laptops, tablets, smartphones). We believe that when a community comes together with every individual’s mind set on becoming a changemaker — the impossible is often achieved. It is aimed at taking digital learning to as many children as possible, giving them a chance at remote learning. Just one device can make a whole big difference in a child’s life. So join in on this journey of empowering our future generation.

Our mission is to help all students have equal access to Education.

Partnered with ICTA to take this initiative nation-wide

Want to be a part of this journey to help empower children in Sri Lanka?

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