දත්ත සමගින් දැනුවත්වෙමු – සවිමත්වෙමු

We chose 36 schools from some of the most disaster-prone districts in #SriLanka to participate in a quiz competition (දත්ත සමගින් දැනුවත්වෙමු – සවිමත්වෙමු) to enhance their knowledge on related topics. Sarvodaya Fusion, UNDP Sri Lanka and Ministry of Irrigation and Water Resources and Disaster Management are working on a common goal to educate Sri […]

දත්ත සමගින් දැනුවත්වෙමු – සවිමත්වෙමු Read More »

Preserve Environment To Reduce Disaster Impact

දත්ත සමගින් දැනුවත් වෙමු, සවිමත් වෙමු! Orientation program to lay a foundation for the future generation to be mindful and to be sensitive to environment and disaster data in order to preserve the environment and reduction of the disaster impacts in Sri Lanka held at Waters Edge – Sri Lanka with 36 School Principals &

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