Sarvodaya-Fusion and LK Domain Registry Partnership Continues

“Pledging to do more, towards securing a smart generation” – LK Domain Registry pledged its willingness to continue its partnership with Sarvodaya-Fusion officially by extending its collaboration until 2020.
In this joint collaboration the partner organizations intends to bring awareness to hundreds and thousands of school children, teachers and parents across the country who lack access to information and guidance to be safe in a digital world while educating them to derive economic and social benefits that would bring about a positive impact on the individual, society and the country at large. LK domain Registry being an organization that served the country not only by providing the professional domain registration services but also as a pioneer who facilitated the development of internet infrastructure in Sri Lanka realizing its responsibility towards the country joint hands with Sarvodaya-Fusion in this initiative in 2016. Since then it has been supporting to educate over 20,000 students and over 1000 teachers. In a context where communities continue to become socially victimized due to lack of education and awareness on using the latest ICT tools there is an ever increasing need to have a constant dialogue among the communities.

“IT Yahamaga” (Securing a SMART generation) is an initiation by Sarvodaya-Fusion to educate student communities on using modern day ICT tools to create a positive Social Impact. The program “IT Yahamaga” is designed to create awareness among school children, teachers and parents on latest ICT technologies & tools, their positive usage, the security & control aspect in order to be safe in a digital world and most importantly the responsible handling of such ICT tools negating influences on social development.

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Donate a multimedia projector to U.B. Wanninayaka Central College, Galgamuwa.

We were conducting an IT Yahamaga program at this school and that day they told us the requirement and the need of a Multimedia projector to the school. Seeing the passionate teachers who are committed to educate children in the school, Isura Silva posted that request came from the teacher on his Facebook, and feedback was amazing. Finally Mr. Saman Algoda happily agreed to donate a multimedia projector to U.B. Wanninayaka Central College, Galgamuwa. Madushan Wijerathne went there and handed over the unit to the School Principal.
We saw many happy faces!