Update on “IT yahamaga”: 11,000 students educated up to March 2018.

“IT Yahamaga”, the initiative of Sarvodaya-Fusion in collaboration with Ministry of Education to educate and create positive influence on the society for responsible handling of internet and social Media has reached 11,000 students so far.
Sarvodaya-Fusion has been reaching out to rural school students ( Grade 9 to 11) at Schools with “IT yahamaga” since 2015. We . We were supported by LK domain and CISCO.

In November 2017, “IT Yahamaga” official flagship event was held at Kuliyapitiya Central College, graced by Minister of Education, with over 800 students participating in the program.

( Sunday Times coverage of the event )

We deliver the following in a seminar format.

The Program outline
–Introduction to Information & Communication Tools
(Internet, Email and Social Media)
— Advantages of using different tools
(To increase productivity, Business purpose and Social engagements)
— Responsible handling and Safety in Digital era – Demo on ‘how to change your facebook settings, how to block unwanted profiles, how to reach out to help etc.
— Social transformation Challenge for the participants “Change Maker” Reward

The Program outcome

–Learn about new Information Communication Technology (ICT) tools (Internet, Email, Social Media and Apps)
–Gradually improve access to educational and valuable information using mobile phones and Computers
–Learn advantages of using different tools that increase productivity, improve Business and in Social engagements. Effective usage of tools and apps in order to save time and cost.
–Improve understanding on ethical use of Social media and the importance of becoming responsible digital citizens