IT Yahamaga – engaging grassroots youth in using Technology Securely

“Advancement of Technology has contributed to the upliftment of human life in many ways” is a widely agreed upon statement. However, there’s also another side to this story. Now a days, we hear more and more stories about how people, especially youth groups go astray through misuse of technology. These incidents have accelerated to a certain point where most of the parents, especially in the grassroots settings have started to show an aversion towards exposing their children to advanced Technologies.

“IT Yahamaga” is an initiative of Fusion Education (FE) to counter this growing issue. Through this program, we seek to educate grassroots students and IT Teachers about; if used properly, how technology can change our lives and the society we live in for the better. The campaign contains; discussions with the students about incidents where technology has been used as a medium in criminal activities, resulted in social unrest and contributed to social issues such as growing teenage suicides etc. and showcasing of a wide range of success stories where technology, especially social media has been used to bring about positive change in the society as well as personal growth.

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Sarvodaya General Secretary at World Bank Poverty eradication initiative

For the 1st time in History, the World Bank Group has joined forces with a group of world religious leaders in an attempt to end extreme poverty by 2030. The Partnership has been developed out of a concept of the World Bank President Mr. Jim Yong Kim. More than 30 religious leaders and heads of global faith-based organizations have signed this joint statement. As part of the initiative, the World Bank has planned to develop new tools for more coordination with religious groups in countries where it works.

It’s an extreme honor to see a Member of Fusion Board of Management; Dr. Vinya Ariyaratne (General Secretary – Sarvodaya Shramadana Movement) as a part of the High Level Panel of 6 World Religious Leaders that discussed the role of faith in combating poverty with the World Bank President.

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Fusion Awards 2014 – Encouraging and Appreciating the Grassroots Youth Achievements

Over 800 young IT enthusiasts from 70 rural tele-centres Island wide were gathered at the Sarvodaya Vishwa Samadhi hall to get their talents applauded at the FUSION AWARDS 2014 organized by Sarvodaya Fusion; the ICT arm of Sri Lanka’s leading civil society movement, Sarvodaya Shramadana Sangamaya.

On the day of the event, Vishwa Samadhi premise was flooded with these talented youngsters, who were well cladded and were second to none of the most urbanized. There were so much incomprehensible emotions in the air when these young ones were posing for their batch photographs with huge smiles spread across their faces and their family members watching them with pride and tears of contentment from a distance

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“Formula of Success” Business Workshop for Fusion Grassroots Partners end in a triumphant note


The annual training programme of Fusion Education in empowerment and capacity building of grassroots partners was held yesterday at the Sarvodaya- Nagarodaya Premises. The usual annual “Training of Trainer” (ToT) coaching specified for DICA and Kids Courses was replaced by a Business Skill Development training this year taking into consideration the need to pave the way for further growth of our grassroots partner entrepreneurs’ businesses. This time around, more time has been allocated to Business Topics with only 2 hours designated to the traditional ToT Training. The highlight of this year’s training is our Chief Guest of the event; Mr. Dumidra Rathnayake’s (Former- CEO of Etisalat Lanka) commitment extended to provide free personal consultation to all the participants of the workshop. The attendees were also privileged to get the rare opportunity of meeting our (Fusion’s) UK based Managing Director,Dr. Harsha Liyanage.

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3rd Phase of HSBC/Microsoft Scholarship Programme comes to a successful conclusion


The 3rd stage of HSBC/Microsoft Scholarship Programme successfully concluded with the fourth career guidance programme held at the Zonal Education office Paddiruppu, Batticaloa last Friday (25th July 2014). Mrs. Pillainayagam; Education Director of Paddiruppu Zonal Division graced the event as the chief guest.

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HSBC/Microsoft Career Guidance Programme reaches Gampaha District


The 3rd HSBC/Microsoft Career Guidance Programme that was scheduled to be held on the 11th of July 2014 at G.B. Senanayake Maha Vidyalaya, successfully concluded last Friday. Mrs. Maithree Malwattegoda; the Deputy Manager of Sarvodaya Fusion, Ms. Heshani Jayaweera; Banking Associate of HSBC and the principal of G.B. Senanayake Vidyalaya opened the career guidance platform with providing meaningful speeches on the importance of proper career and future planning. Following the speeches, the audience was handed over to the HSBC resource team lead by Heshani to conduct the training. Under the HSBC/Microsoft project, 40 DICA passed out students from Infinite Computer Education Centre, Ja-ela participated this training. On the request of the school principal, an additional 20 A/L students of G.B. Senanayake Maha Vidyalaya were given the opportunity to attend the training as guest participants.

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HSBC/Microsoft Career Guidance Programmes in Jaffna & Matara Districts Conclude Successfully

Proper Guidance towards choosing a future career path can make a big impact on a youth’s future, especially for those who come from marginalized communities where a “Future Career” is only defined in terms of Doctors, Engineers, Teachers and another few professions. Though they have so much potential, these youth are often not so open to the idea of stepping outside these boundaries and exploring new career paths nor do they seem to correctly understand the competition for university entrance or even the employ-ability of University graduates in Sri Lanka. These youth from rural, low income Sri Lankan communities often possess lots of talents with tremendous potential towards a bright future but as a result of lacking the soft skills required to be employed in professional careers, they often end up in low level jobs such as clerical, labor work and garment jobs.

The scholarship programme of Microsoft & HSBC in partnership with Fusion is one such attempt taken in supporting these sort of talented youth across Sri Lanka. As the 3rd phase of this CSR Project, Career Guidance Programmes are being held in the project Districts – Jaffna, Matara, Gampaha and Batticaloa. The top 50 students from each district who have excelled in the DICA final examination are selected to get the career guidance training. As of now, the programmes in Jaffna and Matara Districts have concluded successfully and the Gampaha and Batticaloa programmes are scheduled to be held on the 11th of July and 25th of July 2014 respectively.

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idea shop: Connecting coders and NGO’s for social good


When it comes to using information technology to solve problems of communities, NGO sector need to play a leading role.

So why is it that NGO’s with great networks, human resources and know how, fail to create a larger impact in societies?

Limited usage of information technology is one.

NGO’s are not in a greater position to recruit the talent which is expensive. And even if they have, NGO’s often lack a vision and thought leadership to guide it.

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